Do you want to know how to create your own spiritual yoga practise that manifests the positive experiences you want?

Learn to tailor your practise specifically to you and LET GO of feeling powerless, insecure and not in control of what happens in your life.
    • I know it is hard to do yoga regularly when we can't find the time or energy.
    • But if we don't keep practising yoga regularly then we then lose focus on the connection to our higher self and the unlimited energy from the universe..... leading to a cycle of lower energy and motivation.

    HOWEVER... I know it IS possible!

    I would therefore love to invite you to join me in "Everyday Yoga" my 6 week video course teaching you how to create YOUR OWN spiritual yoga practise!

    • Week 1 Moon cycles and daily rhythms - avoid perfectionism and gain your own personal insight

      • Awareness of our physical body and the circadian (daily, monthly  and yearly rhythms) that affect a change in our abilities.
      • How to improve your intuitive awareness of your body’s needs.
      • How to improve your body’s healing response to your yoga practise.
      • Yoga, the menstrual cycle and your needs.
    • Week 2 Harnessing your energy systems - know yourself instead of judging outside yourself

      • Understanding the energy systems of the physical body and other energy bodies.
      • Working with yoga positions to balance your energy systems, with specific chakras (energy centres), to solve different problems and to support you in a variety of situations.
      • Analysing and working with your strengths and weaknesses for a better yoga practise overall.
      • Using different intuitive methods to create yoga programs tailored to you.
    • Week 3 Adaptable discipline - changing your mindset away from lack and what you 'don't have'

      • Removing negative thought patterns that block our practise.
      • Improving your confidence and positivity about your abilities.
      • Learning techniques that help you get started quickly and easily into a yoga session.
      • Using guidance from positive sources for your highest good.
      • Practical advice for understanding and achieving “adaptable discipline”.
    • Week 4 Flexible Structure - be adaptable to new situations

      • How to structure yoga sessions easily.
      • An easy guide to use to focus on “doing” not “thinking”.
      • Resources for all parts of a yoga session.
      • Variations in all parts of a session and how to use this to your advantage.
      • How to make it fun!
      • Increasing the healing capacity of your yoga sessions.
    • Week 5 Supporting emotions and mind - change your mindset about competition and heal frayed nerves

      • Tailoring your session to:

      Focus and clear your mind.
      Balance and heal your emotions.
      Bring deeper relaxation.
      Gently boost low energy levels.
      Be energetic and creative.
      Match your mood easily.

      Use of routines and fun inspirations

    • Week 6 Locations and tools - make it as easy as possible to change your habits!

      • Understand what physical materials and items assist your yoga sessions
      • Increase the number of occasions for your yoga sessions.
      • How to get started easily wherever you are!
      • Examples of fun locations for your yoga sessions.
      • Evaluation of how to tailor your ideal yoga sessions.
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      I will send you a welcome email within 24 hours introducing the course. It will have all the step by step instructions how to access your member’s content and will explain how each module will be sent to you!
      I offer a 7 day money back guarantee where I will offer a full refund if your medical practitioner advises against carrying out the course. For the first 7 days you will have access to week 1 content and will be given a medical clearance form to take to your medical practitioner. No refund will be give after 7 days from purchase date.

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